Holy Moly Kids!!

November 16, 2011 @ 10:44 PM

We didn’t think we could pack anymore awesome into the weekend but boy did we!! SUNDAY AFTERNOON SHOW!! 2pm!! (drum roll)Brad Hoshaw and Midwest Dilemma!!! Spread the word, yo! This’ll be the best weekend you’ll have before stuffing your face with turkey… and stuffing? PUNS! Here’s the new lineup:

Rue Royale Saturday @ 8pm!

Brad HoshawMidwest Dilemma

on Sunday at 2pm

and rounding out this amazing

weekend is Peter Mulvey at 8pm!

So get here early for some awesome drinks and good eats… not to mention, you’re going to want good seats! (Totally didn’t mean to make that rhyme, but because it does… it’ll be easier for you to use as your affirmation for the week)

-The Paradigm Crew