If you're in the area, stop by our open mic (7pm every third Sunday of the month). Otherwise, drop us a line if you'd like to play at Paradigm! Tell us the date/alternate dates you are hoping for along with your name and genre in the subject line. Be sure to send us a link to your music and a brief description of your band and setup.

We receive hundreds of emails, so patience Grasshopper! Be assured that we review every submission personally and we will contact you if we are interested in having you play. Please no phone calls unless we have you booked and on the calendar!

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FAQ if you have been booked:

  • Shows start @ 8pm (unless otherwise agreed upon), please be loaded in no later than 7:30pm in time for a proper soundcheck.
  • We  have a 16-channel Carvin board, 2 speakers, 2 monitors and all the fixins. There is an upright piano available onstage, if you need anything else, bring it with you!
  • You will have a sound engineer behind the board.
  • Drummers – We love you, so please don’t suck. We can accommodate most drums, but be prepared to play to the room and just in case bring those hotrods and/or brush sticks!
  • We’ll pass a tip jar while you perform. We do our best to promote our performers and we hope you do the same! Get the word out, promote yourself locally with posters and press releases!